1. The Unicorn’s Horn

Northern Europe, AD 1427–1618 Size: 2 m, 7 cm longDownload PDF Before the mid-16th century, everyone knew that horns such as this […]

4. A Metal Unicorn’s Head

Indus Valley, second half 3rd millennium BCSize: 4.5 cm longDownload PDF The model for this unicorn is a type familiar from […]

7. Chinese Silver Unicorn (Kylin)

Probably Song dynasty, 11th–12th century ADSize: 7 × 6.5 cmDownload PDF While European unicorns had horses’ bodies and Middle and South-East […]

8. Jean Duvet

(1485–1570)The Unicorn Purifies the Water with his HornPlate: 22.6 × 40.2 cmSheet: 23.5 × 40.9 cmDownload PDF A very rare […]

9. Hans Baldung Grien

Sleeping Groom and Sorceress Woodcut, 1544, Size: 34 × 20.1 cm With thread margins as trimmed on the black border […]

11. The Tusk of a Hippopotamus

Africa, 19th centurySize: 40 cm acrossOld collection label: ‘Hippo’s Teeth’Download PDF This tusk has nothing to do with unicorns, obviously, […]

12. The Thigh Bone of an Elephant

Africa, 16th–17th centurySize: 96.5 cm longDownload PDF This large elephant femur is apparently the one shown in Charles Wilson Peale’s […]

13. Elephant in Stone

Mesopotamia, late Uruk/Jemdet Nasr period, 3,400–3000 BCSize: 15 cm high, 20 cm longVeined limestoneDownload PDF The rear of this Elephant is […]

14. Zhulong

Hongshan culture, North-East China, 3,500–3000 BCSize: 19.5 cm highLimestoneDownload PDF Zhulong means ‘pig-dragon’. It is a mysterious emblem of the neolithic […]

17. Michael Cooper

Unicorn 2016Size: 35 cm high; 58 cm long, White onyxDownload PDF For the exhibition in 2015, Michael sculpted a Dodo in […]

23. Terracotta Male Figurine

Mehrgarh, c. 3000–2500 BC Size: 10.5 cm highDownload PDF The great majority of the figurines from Mehrgarh are female, so this […]

24. A Mother-Goddess Riding Out

Indus Valley, 3rd millennium BC Size: 15 cm highBronze, lost-wax castingDownload PDF She has had her hair extravagantly done up for […]

31. Indus Valley Seals

Download PDF It is assumed that the seals were used for trade, particularly long-distance trade, that the different animals are […]

36. A Black Chlorite Cup

Indus Valley, circa 4000 BCSize: 5.3 cm diameterDownload PDF Finely carved around the outside are three long-legged water birds, each devouring […]

39. Pair of Gold Bangles

Mehrgarh, 3rd millennium BCSize: 7.5 × 8.5 cmDownload PDF The gold sheet is wrapped around a core of bitumen.

40. Three Shell Bracelets

Mehrgarh, Indus Valley, 3500–3000 BCSize: 7 cm diameterDownload PDF The three bracelets are cut from the same conch shell; the middle […]

43. An Oval Agate Seal

Indus Valley, 3rd millennium BCSize: 2.5 cmDownload PDF The flat side is drilled with a walking human figure with possible traces […]

45. A White Nephrite Seal

Indus Valley, 4th millennium BCSize: 2 cm diameterDownload PDF Both surfaces of the seal are drilled, with a bird motif on […]

49. A Grey-Ware Ceramic Bowl

Mehrgarh, Indus Valley, 3500 BCSize: 19.5 cm diameterDownload PDF It has been suggested that the mysterious designs in black on the […]

50. A Terracotta Drinking Vessel

Indus Valley, 3rd millennium BCSize: 19 cm highDownload PDF This strikingly simple representation of a long-horned bull’s head is as effective […]

51. A Terracotta Jar

Mehrgarh, Indus Valley, 3500–3000 BCSize: 21.5 cm diameter, 17.5 cm highDownload PDF The entire outer wall of the vessel is […]

52. A Terracotta Bowl

Mehrgarh, Indus Valley, 3500–3000 BCSize: 26 cm diameterDownload PDF Decorated in red on a whitened ground with linked eight-pointed stars […]

53. A Terracotta Scoop

Mehrgarh, Indus Valley, 3500–3000 BCSize: 14.5 × 11 cmDownload PDF Painted on the inside with a human figure, goats, a […]

55. A Large Terracotta Jar

Mehrgarh, Indus Valley, 3500–3000 BCSize: 43 cm high, 35 cm diameterDownload PDF  The decoration around this jar is a rare […]

57. A Terracotta Bowl

Mehrgarh, Indus Valley, 3500–3000 BCSize: 18 cm diameterDownload PDF Decorated in dark brown with three elongated zebu bulls, each with […]

58. A Large Terracotta Bowl

Mehrgarh, Indus Valley, 3rd millennium BCSize: 26 cm highDownload PDF Painted in black, with three enormous lions stalking the sides, […]

59. Three Horned Heads of Mouflons

Ancient Bactria, mid-3rd millennium BCSize: 13 × 13 cmCopper alloy overlaid with goldDownload PDF These three horned heads are identical […]

60. A Carved Stone Bear

Ancient Bactria, 3000 BC, or earlierSize: 12 × 20 cmDownload PDF This rare and unusually large animal figure is carved […]

61. A Glazed Limestone Owl

Ancient Bactria, 3rd millennium BCSize: 23 cm highDownload PDF The comparison between this Owl and the carved-stone Bear (previous pages) […]

65. Double Cube Vessel

Size: 9.2 cm highDownload PDF 65–71 COLLECTION OF SEVEN BACTRIAN SILVER VESSELSAncient Bactria, late 3rd–early 2nd millennium BCPublished: O. Bopearachchi, C. Landes, […]

67. Cosmetic Pot Engraved with Two Rams

Size: 6 cm highDownload PDF 65–71 COLLECTION OF SEVEN BACTRIAN SILVER VESSELSAncient Bactria, late 3rd–early 2nd millennium BCPublished: O. Bopearachchi, C. Landes, […]

68. Beaker with Geometric Decoration

Size: 13.5 cm highDownload PDF 65–71 COLLECTION OF SEVEN BACTRIAN SILVER VESSELSAncient Bactria, late 3rd–early 2nd millennium BCPublished: O. Bopearachchi, C. Landes, […]

69. Beaker with Geometric Decoration

Size: 7.8 cm highDownload PDF 65–71 COLLECTION OF SEVEN BACTRIAN SILVER VESSELSAncient Bactria, late 3rd–early 2nd millennium BCPublished: O. Bopearachchi, C. Landes, […]

70. Cup with a Feasting Scene

Size: 6.7cm high, 7.5cm diameterDownload PDF This scene of celebration with drinking and music is a fundamental reminder of what […]

71. Tall Goblet with Hunting Scenes

Size: 17.5cm highDownload PDF This goblet presents a particularly rich iconography, but one which remains difficult to interpret unless one […]

75. A Gold Vessel

Ancient Bactria, 3rd millennium BCSize: 4 cm highDownload PDF This vessel is an example of extreme technical wizardry. It was beaten […]

76. A Jasper Beaker

Ancient Bactria, 3rd millennium BCSize: 8.5 cm highDownload PDF It is rare to find such a typically Bronze Age shape of […]

77. A Chlorite Box

Ancient Bactria, 3rd millennium BCSize: 6.5 cm high, 7 cm wideDownload PDF This unusual box and cover is carved to look […]

81. A Chlorite Bowl

Ancient Bactria, circa 2500 BCSize: 13.5 cm diameterDownload PDF Carved with an all-over design of sheep’s fleece.

88. A Stone Monkey and Child

Ancient Bactria, circa 3000 BC4.5 cm highDownload PDF  A monkey cult seems to have existed in Bactria in the 3rd millennium […]

95. A Group of Ancient Seals

Ancient Bactria and Indus Valley, 3rd millennium BC Download PDF a. Circular with a figure of a monkey, bronze. Size: 6.5 […]

99. Nine Mace Heads

Iran, 3rd–2nd millennium BCSize: 4–7 cm highHaematite, granite, limestone, alabasterDownload PDF

102. Scar-Faced Monster Man

Eastern Iran, late 3rd millennium BCSize: 11.8 cm highDownload PDF The big question that the group of figures to which this […]

104. Two Bronze Trumpets

Bactria, 3rd–2nd millennium BCSize: 9.5 cm and 7.5 cm highDownload PDF They are both cast with a human head half way […]

107. A Bronze Bull

Ancient Bactria, 6th century BC Size: 5 cm longDownload PDF The sculpture is finely cast, defining the musculature, facial features and […]

110. Three Bronze Amulets

Central Asia, 1st millennium BCSize: 9 cm, 7.5 cm and 7.5 cm highDownload PDF Amulets like these have been found in […]

117. The Tattooed Man

Southern Siberia, 5th–3rd century BCSize: 30 cm highBronze and goldDownload PDF This is one of the most important surviving relics of […]

128. The Rape of Europa

A Hellenistic Cosmetic DishGreek Bactria, 2nd–1st century BCSize: 11.5 cm diameterYellow chloriteDownload PDF The remarkable feature of this finely carved dish […]

129. A Falcon’s Gold Leg-Ring

Central India, 8th–9th centurySize: 2.7 cm highDownload PDF This ring is different from all the known bird rings of Java […]

131. A Soghdian Bronze Mouflon

Central Asia, 5th–6th century ADSize: 10 cm longDownload PDF The motif of a garlanded mouflon is frequently seen on Soghdian textiles, […]

136. An Ivory Cosmetic Pin-Handle

Indo-Greek Bactria, 1st century ADSize: 6.2 cm highDownload PDF This exquisite figure of a lithe and lissom beauty, naked except for […]

137. A Fine Ivory Cosmetic Palette

Greco-Bactria, 1st century BCSize: 11.8 × 8.3 cmDownload PDF Ah, the elegance of those beauties from Bactria! We glimpse their magnificence […]

138. An Indo-Greek Bronze Plaque

Bactria, 1st–2nd century BCSize: 5 cm highDownload PDF Loosely draped and largely naked, with a high chignon, she leans against a […]

142. An Orange Carnelian Seal

Bactria, 2nd century BCSize: 3 cmDownload PDF The seal shows a royal couple celebrating Nowruz, holding poppies, that look so beautiful […]

147. A Bust of Bacchus

Imperial Rome, late 1st century BCSize: 11.5 cm highBronze, silver, copperDownload PDF An old friend and much-esteemed colleague bought this […]

148. A Bronze Figure of Eros

Greco-Bactria, 3rd–2nd century BCSize: 3 cm highDownload PDF This miniature masterpiece of winged Eros playing a ‘guitar’, originally the head […]

157. Shiva’s Trident

Greater Gandhara, 3rd–4th century ADSize: 48 × 42 cmStoneDownload PDF Coins provide the evidence for the transformation of Hercules into Shiva, […]

158. A Mauryan Stone Roundel

Arachosie, 3rd century BCSize: 8.7 cm diameterDownload PDF It is astonishing how much can be clearly carved into a small space: […]

159. A Terracotta Concave Mould

Arachosie, 3rd century BCSize: 10 cm diameterDownload PDF This mould is closely related to the bronze goblet that follows (no. […]

165. A Bronze Seated Buddha

Gandhara, 2nd–3rd centurySize: 9 cm highDownload PDF The first serious missionary efforts on behalf of Buddhism were made by the […]

166. Bronze Seated Buddha

Gandhara, 2nd century ADSize: 7 cm highDownload PDF This small image of Buddha can be dated to the latter part […]

176. Copper Sieve

Kham Zargar, Afghanistan, 1st century ADSize: 19.5 cm high, 34.5 cm diameter Download PDF The sieve is pierced with holes between […]

178. A Bronze Cow and Calf

Afghanistan, 8th–9th century ADSize: 3.1 cm highDownload PDF Hinduism was prevalent in the Kabul Valley, from where this bronze comes, […]

181. A Green Steatite Stamp

Northern Afghanistan, 6th–7th century ADSize: 2 cm diameterDownload PDF There are six lines of Brahmi script, and beading around the […]

183. A Dedicated Conch Shell

Kashmir, 7th century ADSize: 20 cm longDownload PDF The Sanskrit inscription is drilled in dots around the upper part of […]

184. A Triton Shell Trumpet

Marind-anim people, New Guinea, 19th centurySize: 28 cm longDownload PDF The Marind-anim people were much-feared cannibals of the Papuan Gulf […]

187. A Tibetan Stone Phallus

Probably medievalSize: 13.5 cm longDownload PDF The stone is marcasite (iron sulphide), and the phallus had a dual purpose: as […]

188. A Mammoth Tusk Phallus

Tibet, ancient Size: 25 cm long Download PDF This phallus, with its marvellous molasses-like patina, is made of mammoth ivory from southern […]

192. Yoni Bare

Nepal, 19th centurySize: 4 cm high, 6.5 cm diameterWoodDownload PDF For obvious reasons the female sex, unlike the male phallus, […]

197. A Byzantine Gold Ring

Constantinople, 5th–6th century ADSize: 4.5 cm highDownload PDF It is easy to assume that the two birds inside the cage […]

198. A Byzantine Gold Ring

Constantinople, 12th centurySize: 3.5 cm highDownload PDF The ring has a cross on a stepped bezel, with finely chased decoration.

200. A Byzantine Glass Weight

Constantinople, 6th century ADSize: 14.5 cm diameterWeight: 312 gramsDownload PDF This weight appears to be the largest Byzantine example known, […]

201. A Magnificent Roman Agate Plate

Rome, 4th–5th century ADSize: 36 cm diameterDownload PDF The banded agate has swirling maculae, a quality much appreciated in the ancient […]

205. Bifolium from a Mamluk Qur’an

Egypt, second half 14th centurySize: 34 × 24 cmDownload PDF These elegant pages, written in super-fluid muhaqqaq calligraphy, delicately vocalized […]

206. An Ottoman Calligraphic Panel

Signed by Isma’il ZuhdiIstanbul, Turkey, dated AH 1198 / AD 1783 Size: 21.5 × 33.5 cmDownload PDF The interest of this panel of […]

207. Noah’s Ark

Supposedly Mesopotamia, circa 1220Probably Turkey, early 20th centurySize: 28 × 19.5 cm Watercolour and ink on paperAnd Noah he often […]

208. A Mongol Silver Spouted Vessel

Bearing the Tamgha of Möngke Khan (1209–1259)Mongol Empire, 1251–1259Size: 26.5 cm long with spoutDownload PDF Möngke Khan’s tamgha was a […]

209. A Mongol Copper Boss

Central Asia, 13th centurySize: 3 cm Download PDF The hemispherical boss is repoussé-worked with the figures of four running hares, with […]

214. An Ivory Chess-Piece

Probably Nishapur, Iran, 11th centurySize: 6.2 cm highDownload PDF This two-horned gaming piece is the equivalent of our mitre-coiffed Bishop […]

215. Four Early Islamic Jades

Afghanistan, 10th – 11th centuryA cruciform belt fitting engraved with an elaborated Kufic inscription. Size: 4 × 4.2 cmA cruciform […]

219. A Mamluk Tile

Syria, mid-15th century ADSize: 19 cm highDownload PDF This tile, underglaze painted in blue on white with the image of […]

222. A Talisman of Jade

Probably Herat, Afghanistan, late 15th centurySize: 10.5 cm diameterDownload PDF This talisman is most unusual, and in the course of […]

223. A Bektashi Taslim Taj Stone

Turkey, 18th century or earlierSize: 8 cm diameterDownload PDF This example is unusual for its various attachments; a black stone […]

224. A Chalcedony Baraka Bead

Inscribed with the name of Atziz Kwarezm ShahCentral Asia, 1127–1156Size: 2.5 cmDownload PDF Sometimes tiny objects pack a mighty punch. […]

237. The Oranienburg Fox

Berlin, Germany, mid-18th centurySize: 102 × 149 cmOil on canvasDownload PDF The pelts of the Oranienburg fox with two tails, […]

238. Bronze Aeolipile

Germany, 16th centurySize: 18.5 cm highDownload PDF Exhibited and published: An Exhibition of Medieval, Renaissance and Islamic Works of Art, […]

239. Madonna and Child

South Germany, 12th centurySize: 66 cm highLimewoodDownload PDF A long river journey has worn smooth and reshaped the Heian Bosatsu […]

241. A Laquer-Maker’s Tray

Japan, circa 1900 Size: 32 × 22 cmDownload PDF The magical surface of this tray is the result of decades of […]

242. An Ivory Tea-Leaf Holder

Japan, 19th centurySize: 12 × 7.5 cmDownload PDF This exquisite thick slice of ivory, with its honey-coloured patina and deceptively […]

246. A Talismanic Eye-Agate

Ancient Bactria, 3rd millennium BC; engraved 10th/11th century ADSize: 3 × 2.5 cmDownload PDF The bezel is engraved with an eight-pointed […]

252. Twelve Postcards

Mario Ruspoli to John Hewett, 1971Download PDF When someone like John Hewett disappears, an archive of the endeavours of an […]

257. The Cottel Sisters’ Spoons

Jamestown, Massachusetts, 17th–18th centurySize: 19 cm longBuffalo horn In 1607, three ships carrying 104 men landed at a place they […]

258. A Whaler’s Capstan

Portugal, 19th centurySize: 1m 20cm highOak and mahoganyDownload PDF A whaler was wrecked by a storm off the north coast […]

260. Twelve Stones

The Monte Region of ArgentinaSize: 7 to 10 cmDownload PDF These mysterious stones come from the collection of Ricardo and […]

262. Sophie Grandval

The Twenty-Eight Phases of the Moon(December, 2015)Size: 60 × 30 cmOil on canvasDownload PDF In 2012, at the first Every […]

263. Stargazer

Mezcala, West Coast of Mexico, 700 BC–AD 300 Size: 17.8 cm highHard stoneDownload PDF He gazes into other worlds, the stars […]

264. The Mask of a Shaman

Mezcala, West Coast of Mexico, 700 BC–AD 300 Size: 19 cm highSerpentineDownload PDF If you care to look into the dark […]

267. A Polyhedron of Seymchan

Russia, found 1967Size: 11 cmWeight: 5,800 gDownload PDF Seymchan is a pallasite meteorite found in the dry bed of the […]

268. A ‘Pirate’s Ring’

Cabuchon lodestone mounted in silver and steelBezel size: 3.2 × 2.3 cmDownload PDF Lodestone is one of only two minerals […]

270. A Gogotte Stone

Fontainebleau, France, circa 30 million years oldSize: 20 cm highDownload PDF Formed from grains of quartz cemented by infiltrations of […]

273. Skull Pomander

English, dated 1628Size: Apple 6 cm diameter, 8 cm high with stalk; Skull 4.5 cm highSilver, colours, leather boxDownload PDF

275. An Ivory Memento Mori

France, 16th–17th centurySize: 5 cm highDownload PDF There is another version in the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, but it represents […]

280. John Martin

Satan in CouncilMezzotint and engraving, 1824Size: 480 × 701 mmOne of approximately ten known impressions on wove paper (Cambell-Wees 87)Beneath […]

281. Felicien Rops

Les SataniquesThe complete series of Felicien Rops’ extraordinary Les Sataniques. Vernis mou on Japan paper, each signed or initialled by […]

282. A Contrabass Balalaika

North America, early 20th centurySize: 1m 77cm highDownload PDF Interest in the balalaika in America developed as a result of […]

283. An Inscribed Curved Ivory Hu

fromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’sAlchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF Inscription: ‘The disciple of xxx [place, erased] xxx mao [name, erased] signed respectfully.To offer a Hu […]

284. Ten Shaligram Stones

Gandaki River, Nepal, ancientfromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF One of Jean-Claude’s abiding passions was for mysterious stones. He would bring […]

287. A Rock-Crystal Domed Sri Yantra

Probably Benares, made for the Nepali Temple, 19th centurySize: 8 cm high, base 6.5 cm squarefromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF

288. A Rock-Crystal Domed Sri Yantra

Probably Benares, made for the Nepali Temple, 19th centurySize: 6 cm high, base 9 cm squarefromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF

290. A Rock Crystal Skull-Cup (Kapala)

Tibet, 17th century or earlierSize: 15 × 10 cmfromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF Exhibited and Published: Tantra, Hayward Gallery, London, […]

292. A Voodoo Priest’s Cane

Haiti, 19th centurySize: 52 cm longSteel and brassfromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF Objects connected with magic and religion had a […]

293. The Cosmic Egg

Himalayan region, ancientSize: 13 cm longBrown stonefromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF

296-301. Porphyry

fromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF 296  CONSTELLATED RED PORPHYRY GRINDING STONE AND PESTLEIndia, 19th century or earlierSize of stone: 28 […]

303. Three Sectioned Wood Cones

England, first half 19th centurySize: 23.5 cm, 17 cm and 11 cm highfromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF

306. A Byzantine Constellated Alabaster Paten

Byzantine Empire, 10th–11th centurySize: 33.5 cm diameterfromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF For a silver-gilt mounted alabaster paten in the Treasury […]

307. A Knotted Calabash

Japan, 19th centurySize: 28 cm highfromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF The species originated in South Africa, and then through trade […]

308. Two Stone Lingams

Himalayan region, naturally formedSize: 24 cm, 16 cm highfromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF Found in rivers, rolled smooth over centuries, […]

310. A Tantric Diagram

Western India, early 18th centurySize: 11.5 × 26.3 cmColours on paperfromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF Inscribed on the back: ‘J.C […]

311. A Buddhist Reliquary

Japan, 17th centurySize: 6.5 cm highfromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF I remember very well the day Jean-Claude bought this reliquary […]

312. Cosmic Man

Jain, Gujarat, 18th centurySize: 31 × 13 cmOpaque watercolour on woodfromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF Exhibited and published: The Peaceful […]

317. Egyptian Wood Torso of a Woman

New Kingdom, 1550–1070 BCSize: 14 cm highfromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF Jean-Claude obviously had a taste for women from all […]

318. The Beard of a Pharaoh

Egypt, 18th Dynasty, 1550–1292 BCSize: 19 cm longCarved woodfromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF This beard is a reminder of an […]

319. A Hardstone Vase

The Levant, early 1st millennium BCSize: 8 cm highfromJEAN-CLAUDE CIANCIMINO’s Alchemical toy-cupboardDownload PDF

321. Urban Oblomovsky

1927–1983‘And on the Seventh Day God ended His work which He had made’New York, 1959–75Size: 20 × 16cmLabradoriteDownload PDF Oblomovsky arrived […]

322. Man Ray

A l’Heure de l’Observatoire – les AmoureuxSize: Image: 35.5 × 89.8 cm, Sheet: 60.5 × 105.3 cmLithograph printed in colours, […]

323. Salvador Dali

Mae West’s Lips SofaMade, and re-branded ‘Marilyn Lips’, by Studio 65, 1972Size: 84 cm high, 205.5 cm wideWool-upholsteredDownload PDF The […]

324. Man Ray

CadeauCast metal multiple, 16.5 cm highSigned, titled and numbered 4822/5000 in white ink on the handleInitialled and numbered on the […]

325. Man Ray

Poire d’Erik SatieColour lithograph on paper, 1969Size: 45.7 × 29.2 cmSigned with monogram (lower right) and numbered ‘116/120’ (lower left)Download […]

326. Man Ray

Priapus, God of FertilityEdition of Galerie Iolas, 1972, signed and numbered 185/500Size: 52 cm high, 30 cm diameterDownload PDF 

327. Jim Dine

Palettes No. IVMultiple, with wood and paint, 1969Size: 71 × 51 cm (outer margins)Signed and numbered 35/74 in pencil (lower […]

329. Howard Cook

George Washington Bridge with “B”Lithograph, 1931–32Size: 35.2 × 25 cmFull margins. Edition of 50 (from an intended edition of 75).Signed, […]

330. Samuel Margolies

Men of SteelDrypoint, circa 1940Size: 378 × 295 cm. Full margins. Edition of 250.Signed and titled in pencil (lower margin).Published […]

331. Paul Landacre

Laguna CoveWood engraving on Japan paper, 1935Size: 13.2 × 7.9 cmFull margins. Edition of 200.Signed and titled in pencil (lower […]

332. Paul Landacre

Smoke TreeWood engraving on Japan paper, 1953Size: 20 × 15 cm. Full margins. Artist’s proof, aside from the edition of […]

333. Paul Landacre

Desert WallWood engraving, 1932Size: 14 × 17.8 cmFull margins. Signed, titled and numbered 7/50 in pencil (lower margin).A very good, […]

334. Paul Landacre

Sultry DayWood engraving, 1937Size: 20.3 × 15.2 cmFull margins. Edition of 200, published by American Artists Group, New York.A superb, […]

335. Birger Sandzen

The Sentinel of the MesaNot illustratedLithograph on cream laid paper, 1933Size: 40 × 50 cmWide margins. Signed, titled and dedicated […]

336. Birger Sandzen

Windwhipped PinesLithograph, circa 1928Size: 40.5 × 56 cmFull margins. Signed and titled in pencil (lower margin).A very good impression.Download PDF

337. Thomas Hart Benton

Shallow CreekLithograph, circa 1928Full margins. Edition of 150. Signed in pencil (lower right).Published by Associated American Artists, New York.A superb, […]

338. Wanda Gag

MoonlightLithograph, 1926Size: 35.6 × 42.9 cm. Wide margins. Edition of 60. Signed, titled and dated in pencil (lower margin). Winnan […]

339. Barbara Latham

A Negro GroupWood engraving on thin laid Japan paper, circa 1927Size: 18.7 × 22.1 cm. Full margins. Signed and titled […]

341. A Gold Falconer’s Call

England, 15th–16th centurySize: 5 cm longDownload PDF Birds of prey were trained to return to the call of a whistle. […]

343. A Dayak ‘Soul Boat’

Kenyah-Kayan style, Mahakam River, East Kalimantan, Borneo, 19th centurySize: 115 cm long, 26 cm high, 30 cm wide.Hardwood, shells and […]

344. Four Baoule Wood Bobbins

Ivory Coast, 19th centuryDownload PDF a.  long-beaked bird of abstract form, 21 cm high.b.  man clasping his beard and groin, […]

345. Wooden Spoon Girl

Southern Africa, probably by a Nguni sculptor, circa 1900Size: 32 cm highDownload PDF Presented to girls on their maturity, such […]

347. A Colossal Copper Anklet

Mbole tribe, Central Congo, 19th centurySize: 24 cmWeight: 1.8 kgDownload PDF Copper was wealth in the Congo in the 19th […]

348. An Ifuagao Wood Food Bowl

Ifugao people, Luzon, Philippines, 19th centurySize: 36 cm diameterDownload PDF This classic Ifugao artefact, adzed from hardwood, has been described […]

349. Seven Hokata Shells

Solomon Islands, 19th centurySize: 14 cm – 6.7 cmDownload PDF For smaller transactions in the Solomon Islands, too small for […]

350. Bakia Currency

Rubiana Lagoon, Solomon Islands, collected in 1895Size: 17 cm. Weight: 1.48 kgDownload PDF Such island currencies were not subject to […]

352. Copper Currency

Ibo tribe, Nigeria, 19th centurySize: 41 cmWeight: 2.78 kgDownload PDF Spirally twisted copper was the original currency of the Ibo, […]

353. A Shark Fishing Hook

Cook Islands, early 19th centurySize: 18 cm longDownload PDF Known as a matau by the Cook Islanders, this rare example […]

354. Rice Cutter

Cambodia, mid-20th centurySize: 28 × 46 cmOx-horn and steelDownload PDF The horn gathered a beak-full of rice, which was then […]

355. Pearl-Shell Bride Piece

New Britain, circa 1900Size: 22 cm maximum diameter The largest island of the Bismarck Archipelago, New Britain was known as […]

359. An Ivory Standing Female Figure

Orissa, 18th centurySize: 20.6 cm highDownload PDF She presents herself very boldly, unlike coy Greek Aphrodite. She reflects several recognizable […]

360. A Mughal Ivory Pommel

North India, circa 1600Size: 4.5 cm highDownload PDF The ivory is carved in the form of a lion’s head with […]

361. An Ivory Pen-Box

Deccan, 17th centurySize: 26.5 × 11.5 × 9 cmDownload PDF There are similar pen-boxes in the Museum fur Islamische Kunst, […]

362. Two Hawaiian Stone Adzes

Not illustratedBig Island of Hawaii, 17th–18th centurySize: 17.5 cm and 16.5 cm long Of typical faceted Polynesian shape used for […]

364. A Lele Tribe Dance Mask

Central Congo region, circa 1900Size: 24 cm highDownload PDF The Lele people, related to the Kuba tribe, live between the […]

365. H.M. Bateman

1887– 1970A Ventriloquist at Christie’sSize: 34 × 49 cmWatercolour on paperDownload PDF H.M. Bateman was the great cartoonist of the […]

κ. Muhammad Masih

A NarcissusIran, early 18th centurySize: 29 x 19 cm album page: 15 x 11.5 cm paintingGouache and gold on paper

ρ. Eskimo Ivories

19th century, some earlier a.  A Walrus Tusk, facetted and decorated in scrimshaw with multiple scenes of hunting , with […]

χ. Anthology of Poetry

Probably Herat, Afghanistan, early 16th century ADSize: 22.5 x 15 cmLacquer binding, circa 1600 AD The manuscript has 36 folios […]