212. A Panel of Twelve Mamluk Hexagonal Plaques

Cairo, Egypt, circa AD 1290 
Size: 20 cm long
Carved wood with bone

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Each of the plaques was nailed to a pine backing, now removed, some of which bore inscriptions in Italian, so that at some time in the 19th century they were part of an orientalist décor in Italy. Other polygonal plaques from what was once probably a mimbar have appeared in the Toulouse-Lautrec Collection, Drouot Montaigne, 7th June 1999, lot 148; and in the Tajan sale of 30th November 2009, lot 54.

Better known are the twelve plaques from the Stora Collection, exhibited along with a central star in the Munich Exhibition of 1910, and published by F. Sarre and F. R. Martin in Die Austellung von Meisterwerken Muhammedanischer Kunst in Munchen, 1910, Munich, 1912, pl. 250. (See below.)